Dalmatian smoked ham "MeL" (pršut)

The production of the Dalmatian smoked ham is a story about a special relation between man and nature. Unique climatic conditions in Dalmatia have made possible the production of the top-quality delicacy highly esteemed by gourmets for centuries.

The tradition of excellence

Carefully salted and lovingly supervised in the Dalmatia region where the dry and sweet-scented north-eastern wind generates perfect ecological conditions for ham dry-salting, revels the secret of quality and the legitimacy of its high-class delicacy status. To ensure you buy the best, choose MeL.

How is smoked ham MeL made?

The secret of MeL smoked ham starts with careful and precise selection of pigs. A MeL pig needs to be carefully bred hybrid of a big yorkshire, landras and durock stock. Pigs have to be at least nine months old and weigh at least 140 kilos at the moment of butchering.

The ingredients required for the production of the MeL smoked ham are salt, smoke, climate and weather. The process of ham making is quite long, salting is carefully controlled so as to ensure the ham absorbs only the salt necessary to remain preserved. At the end of the process, cured ham loses more than a quarter of its weight through the loss of moisture, which helps tastes to concentrate. As a result of natural resources of the Dalmatian north-eastern wind, geographical position between the mountains Svilaja, Dinara and Kamešnica, and controlled production, the final product has a distinctive smell reminding of smoke, uniform red colour and sweet taste which prove that the Dalmatian smoked ham MeL is a real delicacy product appreciated by gourmets which know the world's finest hams.

Nutritive values

Smoked ham is much healthier than it may seem at first. It has perfect balance of proteins and fat, low cholesterol and it abounds in vitamins and trace-elements. Nutritive values of the MeL smoked ham and its exquisite taste make it an excellent food for both the young and the old ones. Due to the presence of amino acids and its easy digestibility, MeL smoked ham is an ideal nourishment even for sportsmen.